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Nimish Shah: Very high volume surgeon in 2016 – outcome data.

Nimish Shah undertook 175 robotic assisted radical prostatectomy surgeries in 2016, third highest volume surgeon in the UK. He has now performed well over 1000 robotic assisted radical prostatectomy surgeries. (read more) Below is a summary of his patient population who underwent...

Robotic radical prostatectomy service published

We have published our first 10 years of Robotic radical prostatectomy service: Evolution in practice and outcomes in BJU International. To learn more about the results you can read the publication online by following the link below. Evolution and oncological outcomes of a...

National publication of Robotic radical prostatectomy data 2014 and 2015- Nimish Shah results

Nimish Shah has been performing robotic radical prostatectomy for the management of prostate cancer since 2006. Cambridge was one of the first centres to introduce robotic prostatectomy in the UK in 2005. Nimish has personally performed over 800 of these operations to date. In...

Lord Jeffrey Archer’s detailed account of his Prostate Cancer and Robotic surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital

How I beat prostate cancer… all thanks to Mary (and a robot called Da Vinci!), by Lord Jeffrey Archer: A deeply personal admission by the bestselling author – with a directness only he could muster. Click the link below to read Lord Jeffrey Archer’s detailed account...

Cambridge team report that routine tests may underestimate the extent of prostate cancer in up to half of cases

Cambridge team report that routine tests may underestimate the extent of prostate cancer in up to half of cases. Links: BBC: Telegraph:...

Professor Neal in the National Press

As a consequence of all the wonderful team working, Professor Neal was reported in Saturday’s Times as one of the top 140 UK specialists and the top UK prostate expert in the Daily Mail.

Men now being brought in on day of surgery admission

The Robotic Team at Addenbrooke’s is now bringing most of its men in as a day of surgery admission.